Burntstump Seely C of E Primary Academy

Inspire and Aspire

 Welcome to Busy Bees class ....a hive of activity where we are buzzing with enjoyment and a willingness to learn. 


                      The School Day 


                Registration - 8.55am

                Numeracy/Literacy -  9.10am

                Assembly - 10.10am

                First Break - 10.30am

                Phonics - 10.45am

                Numeracy/Literacy - 11.10am

                Lunch - 12.15pm

                ERIC - 1.pm

   Topic/Foundation Stage Subjects - 1.30

                Second Break - 2.30pm

                Topic/Foundation Stage Subjects- 2.45pm

                End of day - 3.30pm


On Wednesday we went to White Post Farm. This has been part of our topic on animals. We had a fabulous time.

Today the Fire Engine and four fire-fighters have been to visit us! Wow, we have learnt so much about Fire-Fighters. We have learnt about the badge on the uniform, what smoke detectors sound like, what fire-fighters do, how to contact them and what to do if we are on fire  . . . yes . . . STOP! DROP and ROLL! #

We had a look around the fire engine and all the different compartments. Then they had a call and left with the blue lights and sirens - So exciting!