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Mike Barden
13 November 2014 10:56:28
Does anybody have any photos of seely church school between years 1969 to 1974 - does anybody have lovely memories of running out onto the Pringle to play football - I think my last teachers name may have been Mrs Smith . I remember the christmas parties in the hall. We all sat in a circle and we heard ho ho ho coming down the hall - I used to get teh school bus from Arnold to the school - anybody have a list of classnames 1970 - 1974
15 March 2014 09:37:32
My child loves this school as soon. As she came in the school
Carol Robinson (nee Sharpe)
29 January 2014 09:28:58
I was at school between 1949 - 1954. Mrs Marshall was headmistress when I was enrolled but Mr Hopewell became head shortly afterwards. I lived at North Lodge - one of the two gatehouses at the entrance to the Estate from the A60. I would walk to and from school each day up the long drive through what is now Burntstump Park - meeting up with my friends from Dairy Farm along the way. Happy memories!
Andrew Hopewell
21 June 2013 11:24:49
It was nice to read through some of the memories and relate them to my own. I was at the school from 1970 to 1976, Mr Wharmby's era. I too remember the roaring fires of the old school, warm milk in the porch, school dinners delivered by "Colin" in hot-boxes, Miss Smith, my first teacher. The lovely Miss Reid, Youth hosteling in Derbyshire, Dinner Ladies, Mrs Buxton and Mrs Cotton, Pingle Parties, Beetle drives, Nature walks down to the old Sherwood Lodge which wasn't yet a country park, harvest festivals with real produce from the local farming families, Mr Seaton the school caretaker, playing on the Pingle after snow, dens on the pingle and down around and on the Lodge lake islands which was dry / drained then. All very happy days and the "real" Santa coming in to school at Christmas. A wonderful school and proud to have been part of it.
Simon Clutten
29 May 2013 20:42:22
After looking through some old photos I came across an old school photo of the seely church school football team which must of been around 1975/76. Have some great memories but sadly can't put many names to the faces. Was in the days of mr Harris.
24 May 2013 08:31:22
i am at this school now 2 more months to go(in year 6) teacher mrs miller and headteacher mr thower both really nice
Alice Sawyer
01 February 2013 10:20:10
i am now 18 years old, i attended seely church as a child and have nothing but good memories from it. Seely a small school which aims to give all children the best education possible, its lovely to see some of my favourite teachers are still their (mrs davies), i gained a lot of needed support while i attended this school which has positivily effected my time in secondary school and later learning. I would advice for children to attend this school x
Mrs. Bisballe's Class
30 November 2012 18:05:17
We looked at your pictures on the website. We are so excited to be pen pals with Class 1. We can't wait to read our letters. We will write back soon!
Mrs. Bisballe's First Grade Class
Colleyville, Texas
Ruth Dand (was Elliott)
15 August 2012 09:31:39
I have very fond memories of this school. I started in Mr Warmby's last yeat and then went onto the Mr Harris period. I left in 1985. My favourite Teacher was Miss Pinkney.I used to love the pingle parties etc and have fond memories of constantly being told off for climbing the tree at the top end of the pingle. It looks like it's changed so much since my time and I would love to come see the old place again sometime and attend a reunion.
Mike Barden
06 December 2011 23:56:41
I was at the school 1969 to 1974 - LOvely memories of football on the Pingle and Santa Claus at Christmas.....any old photos to post up would be cool
Mrs Susan Abram
22 July 2011 19:01:23
I remember walking into Mr.Wharmby's office a fire burning surrounded by a large nursery-guard.I was taking my son ,Mark Robinson for his first visit to the school.His sister Nicola soon followed.Many happy years,with myself on the PTA for most of them.
Nikki ,in her turn was a school govenor,while her daughters,Tamsyn and Tiegan were at Seely.
Tiegan has just this last week come to live in Cornwall
with the rest of us.If I could have brought one thing with me to Cornwall all those years ago,it would have been Seely Church School.We have nothing like it here--it really is a very special place.
Ralph Booth
19 July 2011 08:41:17
Very happy to have found you on Google maps after searching off and on for some time.

I live in Melbourne Australia and attended Seely some fifty or more years ago.

Great to see things going strong but a little sad the 1902 Building isn't used still.

Still remember drying my socks on the radiators after tramping through snow to get there.

I remember my days there fondly even though I got into trouble on occassions.

I have taken both my children to the school and hope to take my 2 year old granddaughter at some stage.

Funny I am Chair of 2 Alpine Resorts and still tramping through the snow. Socks don't get wet now though !

Warm Regards

Ralph - Melbourne Australia
22 December 2010 22:29:34
I left Seely in 1998 - what a gorgeous wee school! I have many fond memories of playing on the Pingle field in summer, dressing up as Tudors, PGL class camps and riding to school on the double decker bus! Just awesome memories. I hope that things have not changed too much - though the new computor room looks great!

Now I'm living in New Zealand and I'm in my final year of Medical school - so thanks Seely for the great start in life!
Sarah Coupe nee Murden
01 December 2010 14:37:14
Just a note to say I went to Seely over 18 years ago, I saw the school on the news recently and the school logo is one that I designed in a competition I won for deigning a mug for the PTA to sell. I feel very proud! :)
05 November 2010 22:01:06
The time is near for my beautiful daughter to start at seely. Our family have lived on the sherwood estate for 4 generations and all attended seely back to when the origanal school building was used. I hope she loves it as much as we all did.
Pam Barlow
07 May 2010 20:38:30
I remember coming here, well before the extension was built. Lots of memories including a teddy bears picnic! Would love to see more photos of the school on the site. Keep up the good work. xx
Harris Beddows-Wilkinson
10 April 2010 17:17:50
I am now 25 and attended Seely Church School around the era Mr. Harris was the head teacher.

I am thrilled to see the school still going strong and would advise the current pupils there to enjoy their time there whilst they can, it is a special place indeed.
Jan Broderick
09 April 2010 16:58:58
I was delighted to find this site. I remember well my time there back from 1970 to 1976 with Mr Wharmby the head. An eternity ago it seems. 
It's good to see that all is going well there. Best wishes to you all
Ellarna .S
28 February 2010 09:57:20
I go Seely now but I will be leaving in 5 months. I will miss this school quite a bit because it is fun to be at and I have great friends and I will miss them DEAPLY. 
Kevin Harwin
19 December 2009 15:19:28
Was a pupil at this school far too many years ago,more years than i like to remember.The school was absolutely fantastic, a very special atmosphere. Mr Goulding was a massive inspiration. Too many great memories of Pingle footie. Almost want to be 6 again so i can go back.
Frankie B
08 December 2009 18:04:21
I think that the school, the site and the kids are brilliant. I used to go and it was great. I'm doing fine at my new school thanks to Seely!

Rochelle Young
29 October 2009 16:25:00
I'm so happy to have found this site!! I left the school in 1996. I have such fond memories of Seely, and remember that Mrs Simpson was my favourite teacher. I'm glad I now know what Pingle finally means!! I am now living in Devon, and am teaching!! But a older age of 16+ learners. Whenever I visit Nottingham I have a drive by the school, which just brings back so many lovely memories.
Sue Hogan
03 October 2009 19:37:14
Hello there!
I attended Seely Church School from 1962-1968, starting when Mr Hopewell was head teacher, and leaving when Mr Wharmby was head. I remember my favourite teacher was Miss Gillian Hopkinson. Is she still in touch with the school? My friends included Yvonne Broadway,Lynda Newman and a certain Jennifer Starbuck....that family gets everywhere!!! :)
Sam Humphrey
17 September 2009 21:53:45
Its about time I found this site! I left Seely eleven years ago in 1998 which makes me feel incredibly old! I remember many teachers including the scary Mr Harris (he was scary to me at least!), the always smiling Mrs Murray and the just lovely Mrs Davies who I think may still be there. I remember the talk of building the hall when I was there...it certainly took a few years for it to actually come to fruition but it looks great. I also have many memories of playing on The Pingle and of playing around the old Oak tree, I hope its still there. I had such a lovely time at Seely and I am sure the kids that are there now will leave, look back and feel the same :-)
Ethan R
09 September 2009 19:55:50
My name is Ethan Radford. I used to go to seely in 2001. I enjoyed it, mostly the concerts we peformed.(we meening year six) I have seen the new website and liked it. I am doing fine at my new school and hope to pay a visit to seely again. I hope you still peform wonderful plays. 
Ethan R
Anne Hill
01 September 2009 15:46:37
Well Done this is fabulous, really enjoyed looking at it. I am proud to be a Governor at this School. Hope you all have a really super new term when you start back in September God Bless
07 July 2009 14:53:19
At last, I've found the website. It's GREAT ! I was a pupil at Seely from 1978-1982 in the days of Mr Warmby (and later Mr Harris). It was a brilliant school. I note a few changes in building (and certainly interior) but the front and back building look pretty much the same. And... that Pingle (at last I know what it means). Is the Oak Tree still there ? Happy memories of playing action man under there with Mrs Charvill ? the Dinner Lady. Drove by a few years ago (live in Yorkshire now). Would love to call in some time. Glad you're still working closely with St Pauls. I seem to rember Rev. David Moore from my days there.
Jasmyne Sefton
06 May 2009 20:27:34
What a wonderful site! I was most delighted to my Oliver featured holding the chick he still talks about!