Burntstump Seely C of E Primary Academy

Inspire and Aspire

Welcome to Mighty Oaks! (Years 5 and 6)

We are taught by Mrs Ince and Mrs Miles.


In Mighty Oaks we work very hard and have a great attitude to our learning.

We always try our best and never give up even when things get a bit tricky!


Our exciting topic for the Autumn Term is ... 



We will be learning about the ancient kingdom of Benin, inheritance and adaptation in science and learning African songs.


We are really impressed by the children in Mighty Oaks that continue their learning at home. Here are some ways to support your child at home:

  • Practising your spellings
    Reading at least 3 times a week
  • Completing your termly homework and handing it in on time (11th December 2020)
  • Practising your times tables
  • Spending time on Mathletics 



Thank you for reading our page. If there is anything else you would like to see on here then let us know.

Autumn Term Topic map - Africa.

Autumn term Africa homework mat

Lockdown learning Autumn Term 2020. Click on the lockdown work overview to access your learning from home.

 Day 1 English Once upon a picture.docxDownload
 Day 2 English Poble 365 story.docxDownload
 Day 2 Year 5 Missing numbers addition.docxDownload
 Day one Year 5 Negative numbers lockdown work.docxDownload
 Day one Year 6 Negative numbers lockdown work.docxDownload
 Day two Year 6 smudged-calculations lockdown.docxDownload
 Mighty Oaks lockdown work.docxDownload
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