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Welcome to the Seely Squirrels Class...



where we are nuts about learning!

The Seely Squirrels is a Year 3/4 class.

Our teacher is Mrs Ince.


Since we can't be together, I am setting work for each day on Microsoft TEAMs.  This is uploaded

weekly so that you can carry out the activities at your own pace.  A letter was included in the packs

sent home when we finished school but if you need help logging onto TEAMs, please contact the office

and we will direct you.


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We are really trying to improve our times tables skills in school so we are doing work on them at home every day. The children should know their multiplication and division facts up 12x12 at the end of year 4. 

For further practice at home, please click here http://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/5-7-years/multiplication-and-division and for fun maths games!

Work set on TEAMs either refers to the White Rose Home Learning Hub or the worksheets sent home in the pack.




For English, we are doing a variety of activities.  Punctuation and grammar work are set using Youtube videos to support the worksheets sent

home in the pack or we are carrying out writing tasks based on genres we have already covered in school, such as newspaper articles, stories

or instructions.  Some of this will be topic based (watch out for the Egyptian rap week) or based on a scheme of work building up to a final

'Hot Write'. Check out the work set on TEAMs for more information.




Please continue to read as much as possible at home - we recommend at least 3 times a week! This really supports a child for the future and not only helps them to read but improves their writing and spelling too! We are really focusing on understanding a text for e.g. What the story is about, why it ended a certain way, what other ways it could have ended. These elements are just as important as being able to read the words. Please ask Mrs Ince or Mrs Annable on our TEAMs page for further advice or questions.  


Guided reading text and questions based on How To Train Your Dragon are set on our TEAMs page.



We changed the way we do homework in school so that now, the children have a 'pick and mix' approach where they choose activities to gain points.  This worked really well so far and when we did our homework showcase at Christmas, there were some amazing works of art, writing and models. 

This term at home we are learning about the Egyptians and there are a range of activities involving art, model making, drama as well as Maths and English.  The Egyptian Homework Grid is pinned to the top of our TEAMs page.  How many points can you earn?



We aren't able to send or test spellings every week at the moment. So instead, we are practising words from the Year 3 and Year 4 spelling list through using our handwriting scheme Letterjoin.  Details of this are included in the week's work pinned to the top of our TEAMs page.

Please also see the Year 3 and Year 4 spelling list  T2-E-1175-New-Curriculum-Spelling-List-Years-3-And-4-Word-Mat.pdf



Since we aren't able to do this with you, we have attached a list of PE activities in our TEAMs files.  We also recommend Joe Wick's fabulous PE workouts on Youtube every day at 9am.  



Photos from our homework showcase in December 2019 from our Narnia topic are below:

Topic - Egyptians

During our Summer term, we are concentrating on learning about the Ancient Egyptians.  Since we aren't together, this will be done remotely via our Homework Grid of activities and topic-based English work.


We will be carrying out a science week at home with some experiments which support learning about the water cycle including condensation and evaporation.

A week at a glance...please see  our timetable above for Spring 2020: