Burntstump Seely C of E Primary Academy

Inspire and Aspire


SNMAT Academy Risk Management Policy - 28 March 2018.docx

SNMAT Risk Management Strategy Jan 2018.docx


Burntstump Seely Admissions Arrangements 2018-19.doc

 Burntstump Seely F1. Admissions Policy. Dec 2017.pdf

 SNMAT. Burntstump Seely admissions arrangements 2019-20.pdf

Anti-bullying policy Burntstump 2018.pdf

ATTENDANCE policy December 2017.doc

late collection of childrenprocedure policy - under review.docx

Attendance guidance for parents Jan 2017.docx

Burntstump Behaviour Policy 2018.pdf

Appendix 1 exclusion pathway.docx

Notts cc disciplinary-capability-procedure With SNMAT ammendments.doc

charging-remissions-policy 2018.doc

SNMAT Code Of Conduct for School Staff - updated Jan 2018.docx

SNMAT Confidential Reporting and Whistleblowing Policy - 16 October 2018 done.pdf

SNMAT Complaints Policy - March 2018.docx

SNMAT Data Protection Policy - March 2018.docx

Burntstump Managing Medicines Policy September 2018.pdf

SNMAT Educational Visits Policy October 2018.pdf



equality-policy BS.docx

Equality Information and Objectives Statement for Publication Sept 2017.docx

E safety policy Burntstump Jan 2018.docx

Computing policy Jan 2018.docx

SNMAT E Safety Policy - 28 March 2018.docx

SNMAT ICT Policy - 28 March 2018.docx

SNMAT Bring Your Own Device Policy - 05 June 2018.docx

SNMAT Social Media Policy - March 2018.docx

SNMAT freedom of information 28th March 2017.doc


 SNMAT Records Management Policy Statement - 28 March 2018.docx


SNMAT Health and Safety Policy - March 2018.docx

SNMAT Pay Policy December 2017.docx

Notts CC appraisal Policy adopted by Burntstump Seely October 2018.pdf

SNMAT Staff, Directors and Governor Expenses Policy - 16 October 2018 done.pdf

BS Policy on PSHE.docx

Music Policy January 2018.doc

Burntstump Seely SEN Policy September 2018.pdf

SEN Information Report 18 -19.pdf

accessibility plan Burntstump 2018.doc

Sex and relationships Policy BS.docx

SNMAT- Child-Protection-Safeguarding-Policy Sept 2018.docx

BS Children Missing from Education Policy.docx

Prevent Action Plan Burntstump Seely September 2018.docx

SNMAT Gifts Policy - 16 October 2018 done.pdf

SNMAT Fraud Policy - 16 October 2018 done.pdf

SNMAT Debit and Credit Card Policy - 16 October 2018 done.pdf

RE Policy 2018.docx

CW Policy 2018.docx

BS Marking Policy September 2018.pdf




Paper copies of all policies can be provided to parents upon request.