Burntstump Seely C of E Primary Academy

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Determined Admission Arrangements 2021-22

All admissions authorities must determine admission arrangements by 28th February every year, even if they have not changed from previous years and a consultation has not been required.

The Diocese of Southwell  & Nottingham Multi Academy Trust (SNMAT) determined its 2021-22 admission arrangements for all partner academies in the Trust on 11 February 2020.

Following a consultation in October 2019, Burntstump Seely 2021-22 admission arrangements have now been updated to include.

  • a new standardised format for the arrangements
  • a new definition of church commitment 
  • a new SIF form to reflect the new definition of church commitment


SEE. 2021-22. determined arrangements. Jan 2020_.docx

SEE2021-22. SIF.docx


Right of Appeal

Under the terms of the School Admissions Appeals Code 2012, if you apply for and are refused a  place at Burntstump Seely CofE Primary Academy you have the right to appeal.

Admission Appeals at SNMAT academies are managed by Nottinghamshire County Council Appeals Team, who provide an independent appeals process.  If you decide that you wish to proceed with an appeal, you should within 20 school days of the date of the refusal letter complete the online form on Nottinghamshire County Council's website:-


For parents/carers who are unable to use the online form, a printed form can requested from NCC's customer contact centre – 0300 500 80 80


 PRIMARY Appeals Timetable 2020.docx