Burntstump Seely C of E Primary Academy

Inspire and Aspire


SNMAT Academy Risk Management Policy - 28 March 2018.docx

SNMAT Risk Management Strategy Jan 2018.docx

Burntstump Seely Admissions Arrangements 2018-19.doc

 Burntstump Seely F1. Admissions Policy. Feb 2019.docx

 SNMAT. Burntstump Seely admissions arrangements 2019-20.pdf

SNMAT. 2020-21. Burntstump Seely. Admissions Arrangements. AMENDED March 2019.doc

SNMAT. 2020-21. Burntstump Seely. SIF AMENDED March 2019.docx

Anti-bullying policy Burntstump 2018.pdf

Intimate Care Policy Burntstump January 2019.docx

ATTENDANCE policy December 2017 amended Dec2018.doc

late collection of childrenprocedure policy - under review.docx

Attendance guidance for parents Jan 2017.docx

Burntstump Behaviour Policy 2018.pdf

Appendix 1 exclusion pathway.docx

Notts cc disciplinary-capability-procedure With SNMAT ammendments.doc

NCC-Disciplinary-Procedure-for-School-Staff-Conduct-Oct 11.pdf

charging-remissions-policy 2018.doc

SNMAT Code Of Conduct for School Staff - 27 March 2019.docx

SNMAT Confidential Reporting and Whistleblowing Policy - 16 October 2018 done.pdf

SNMAT Complaints Policy - March 2018.docx

SNMAT Data Protection Policy - 27 March 2019.docx

SNMAT Data Breach Notification Procedure - 27 March 2019.docx

SNMAT Procedure for Receiving and Responding to SARs - 27 March 2019.docx


Burntstump Managing Medicines Policy September 2018.pdf

SNMAT Educational Visits Policy October 2018.pdf



equality-policy BS.docx

Burntstump Equality Statement October 2018.pdf

E safety policy Burntstump Dec 2018.docx

Computing policy Jan 2018.docx

SNMAT E Safety Policy - 27 March 2019.docx

SNMAT ICT Policy - 27 March 2019.docx

SNMAT BYOD Policy March 2019.docx

SNMAT Social Media Policy - March 2018.docx

USE OF CHILDREN'S Images Policy May 2019.pdf

SNMAT Freedom of Information Publication Scheme - 27 March 2019.doc


SNMAT Records Management Policy - 27 March 2019.docx


SNMAT Health and Safety Policy - 27 March 2019.docx

SNMAT Pay Policy - December 2018.docx

Notts CC appraisal Policy adopted by Burntstump Seely October 2018.pdf

SNMAT Staff, Directors and Governor Expenses Policy - 16 October 2018 done.pdf


Phonics policy.docx

BS Policy on PSHE.docx

Music Policy January 2018.doc

Art Policy June 2018.doc

DT Policy May 2018.doc

History policy 2018.docx

Geography policy 2018.docx

Science Policy June 2018.doc

Assessment policy Jan 2019.doc


Burntstump Seely SEN Policy September 2018.pdf

SEN Information Report 18 -19.pdf

accessibility plan Burntstump 2018.doc

Sex and relationships Policy BS.docx

SNMAT- Child-Protection-Safeguarding-Policy Sept 2018.docx

SNMAT-Child-Protection-Safeguarding-Policy Sept 19.docx

BS Children Missing from Education Policy.docx

Prevent Action Plan Burntstump Seely September 2018.docx

SNMAT Gifts Policy - 16 October 2018 done.pdf

SNMAT Fraud Policy - 16 October 2018 done.pdf

SNMAT Debit and Credit Card Policy - 16 October 2018 done.pdf

RE Policy 2018.docx

CW Policy 2018.docx

BS Marking Policy September 2018.pdf




Paper copies of all policies can be provided to parents upon request.